Chapter Meeting Presenters

MandatoryMandatory2019 presenters:
(first Tuesday of the month)

Jan 8: Loretta McGrath – Dynamic Body Stretching

Feb 5: Kimberly Reaves – Touch for Trauma

Mar 5: Lynn Teachworth – Integrative Anatomy

Apr 2: Rebecca Pollock – Mindset for Massage Therapists

May 7: Paul Pock – Cranial Unwinding

Jun 4: Michelle Mace – Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage

July – No meeting, GO TO CONVENTION!

July 21: Mandatory Class (SUNDAY) 1-6pm 

Aug 6: Pete Whitridge – Improving Your Therapy Outcomes

Sept 3 – Please note, this will be at a different location TBD: Lu Mueller Kaul – Myofascial Mobilizations for Endangerment Zones

Oct 1: Don McCann – Structural Energetic Technique

Nov 5: Stephanie Costolo – Human Trafficking: Massage Therapists Certificate

Dec: Christmas Party


LAST MANDADATORY Class  before August license renewal.

It will be held at Diamond Oaks Village in Bonita Springs on US-41 between 1-6:00, there’s a $25 class charge for this one. 

2020 chapter prresenters

Stay tuned for for our 2020 presenters; 

JANUARY:  Michelle Mace on Social Media,


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